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Hi, I'm Paul Schneider - owner of FitNice. I am a firm believer that exercise is for EVERYONE and that ANYONE can do it. I also believe that exercise should be accessible to everyone. More and more schools are cutting physical education time, some sports are limited to who makes the cut, gyms require memberships, and people have busier schedules. FitNice is making a stand to break down the barriers of time and inconvenience that separate people from living healthier lives.

Services are currently being provided in and around Green Bay, Wisconsin, though we are slowly starting to expand. FitNice isn't a gym, or a workout facility. You won't find directions to where it's located. FitNice is where YOU are. FitNice integrates fitness programming options into the communities that you're already a part of. We help enhance lives by providing on-site fitness classes at schools, businesses, churches, senior homes, and even people's own private gatherings.

We are currently offering several different Zumba classes and yoga. Check out class descriptions, there's something for EVERYONE. Zumba doesn't require any equipment, and we provide mats for yoga classes. None of the classes require any prior experience. FitNice is for everybody.

Check out the class schedule for a listing of open-to-the-public classes.

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Zumba -7 pm

Aqua Zumba 8:30 am
Zumba 5:30 pm & 7 pm

Zumba Kids 5 pm
Yoga 5:40 pm
Zumba 6:35 pm




Aqua Zumba 10:30 am
Zumba 7 pm

Aqua Zumba 5:15 pm

Yoga 9 am
Zumba 10 am
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